Hayley Skelton

Hayley Skelton

“I am inspired by innovation and technology, specifically projects that strive to change the living conditions of those less fortunate.”

Architectural Assistant

B. Design (Architecture) - University of Newcastle

Recently graduating from University of Newcastle, Hayley is an enthusiastic team member contributing positively to the team in such areas as education, competition entries and master planning. A favourite SHAC project of Hayley's was contributing to the winning Chisholm High School design competition. While collaborating at SHAC, Hayley is taking advantage of the experience our talented and passionate architects have to offer to learn and expand her knowledge in the architectural field. With future plans for further studies and travel, Hayley is loving every minute at SHAC.

Hayley’s enthusiasm extends to baking, often enjoyed by SHAC team members on their birthdays and planning her overland trip from London to Mongolia for charity.