Tim Greentree

Tim Greentree

“My aim is to bring rationale, authenticity and rigour to our work. Getting to do that with an enthusiastic and passionate team is just a bonus.”

Architectural Assistant

B. Design (Architecture) (Dist.) - University of Newcastle 

Tim is now in his 5th year with SHAC. While he has worked on a diverse range of projects, he loves the challenge of delicate and complex projects that require thorough knowledge of environmental, heritage, community and planning considerations. Tim’s strong ability to analyse information and produce a detailed investigation of the site, limitations and opportunities at the commencement of a project allows both SHAC and the client to explore and discuss the project within its true context.

Tim enjoys collaborating with the SHAC team as well as other designers and consultants on our projects, with these strong relationships facilitating a more comprehensive, thorough design solution.

“Inspiration for me comes from those that hybridise architecture and industrial or landscape design because it enables a pure solution rather than a biased answer.” 

Away from the office, you’ll find Tim exploring regional Australia, from Alice Springs to Hobart, he enjoys exploring new surroundings and discovering specific architectural languages that encapsulate those areas.