Byron Bay Bioenergy Facility

A best practice Bioenergy Facility transforming waste material into useful products and generating usable electricity from off grid sources.


Byron Shire Council


Byron Bay, NSW
Byron Bay Bioenergy Facility

SHAC have deigned a best practice Bioenergy Facility receiving organic waste materials from households and businesses in the Byron and neighbouring local government areas. Through a dry fermentation process, biogas will be produced from onsite to generate electricity. 

To date SHAC has provided Feasibility, Concept, Design and Documentation of the bio waste facility that will transform waste material into useful products and generate usable electricity from off grid sources. The facility is expected to receive and process up to 28,000 tonnes of organic waste and biosolids a year, generating between three and four million kilowatt hours of renewable energy, The project consists of a receival hall, digestion tunnels, bio-filter, admin building, access roads, and weighbridge.

The proposed facility met with many objections from locals concerned about noise and airborne emissions, and potential impacts on the surrounding natural wetland environment. SHAC was able to address these concerns by working with the client and council to integrate appropriate solutions into the final design.

Processes used in this project