Vertical School Design Study - Inner City Campus

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Inner City
Vertical School Design Study - Inner City Campus

The vertical 'Uplift' school is an inner-city campus for up to 2,000 students, over 10 levels, with an active community-focused ground plane and podium. The school caters for Pre-School to Year 12, and has up to 200 staff. 

The campus capitalises on its central location in Australia’s fastest growing regional city, close to public transport links, community green spaces, sporting fields, and the CBD, becoming the new community heart. This is achieved by fostering joint-use partnerships with allied health services, sport and aquatics, retail and business tenants to make a collaborative education ecosystem in the one place. The design balances the unique requirements of a vertical, inner-city campus, for example safety & security, ICT, transport, egress and play space, whilst providing a contemporary learning campus connected to the city and its landscape.

Processes used in this project