Jenny Herrero

Jenny Herrero

“I’m inspired by human-scale encounters - the sensitivity of designing a building for the humans that use it and its effect on its user’s senses.”

Architectural Assistant

B. Design (Architecture) - University of Newcastle

Currently midway through her Masters Degree in Architecture, Jenny already has a few years of experience as an architectural assistant for a bespoke Sydney firm and as a draftsperson for a private client. Jenny experienced a “light bulb moment” while assisting in the design of a civic project using Maya 3D animation software, and was able to create and visualise a future where 21st Century design possibilities merged with traditional materials and methods. Impressed by her sharp intellect, quality draftspersonship, work ethic and enthusiasm and energy, SHAC invited her on board in early 2017 and so far she has delivered positively to the SHAC team in education, architectural visualisation and master planning.

While collaborating at SHAC, Jenny is gaining experience in the architectural profession learning alongside the committed and passionate SHAC Directors. Jenny’s infectious energy extends to photography, painting, movie and music trivia, cuddling animals and potatoes in any shape or form.