SHAC are a leading Health designer for Hunter New England Health. The SHAC team has developed a specialised resource of design information and systems to assist you with your project.

At SHAC we understand the importance the 'patient journey' plays to help reduce the stress level of patients and improve health outcomes.

With over 25 years of experience, SHAC have attained a high level of health infrastructure knowledge across a wide range of health typologies. SHAC's resources, experience and knowledge are drawn upon to deliver health solutions from small private medical centres and specialists' rooms, through to emergency departments and new integrated community health facilities such as super clinics. 

At SHAC we understand the importance the 'patient journey' plays to help reduce the stress level of patients and improve health outcomes. We take the time to understand your goals, systems and the often very prescriptive technical aspects of the procedures undertaken and apply our experience to test and analyse these requirements. The outcome is a clearly refined patient flow that simplifies the journey for patients and maximises efficiencies for the business owner. We use the extensive knowledge base provided by the Australasian Health Facility Guidelines as a starting point and develop these into customised spaces specifically tailored to meet your unique environment and requirements, therefore ensuring that the finished building is versatile and exceeds industry best practice.



We have a proven track record working closely with doctors, practice managers and project managers to streamline their processes and to facilitate expansion. We are well placed to look after all aspects of your project, from inception and site selection, through brief development and funding applications, detailed design and construction documentation to running a competitive tender, selecting a builder, monitoring construction works on site and administering a contract. We understand how busy you are and strive to simplify this complex process. 

Our areas of design expertise include:
  • Ophthalmology
  • Renal Dialysis
  • Aged and Chronic Care
  • Oral Health
  • Emergency Department
  • Community Health
  • Audiometry
  • Sterilisation
  • Indigenous Health Centres
  • Telehealth Systems        
  • Health Education and Training Centres 
  • Birthing Suites 
An efficient and functional building is the first stop, but a building that encourages patronage and that everyone can be proud of is the end goal. We make a point of building flexibility and efficiencies into all of our buildings. We work hard to understand the environment, the surroundings, context, systems and users in order to best shape the building. Added to this we combine experience and expertise, along with our fresh approach looking at possibilities, risks and opportunities, to ensure that the highest level of creativity and problem solving is applied to every project.
At SHAC, our aim is to not only provide a functional health facility that exceeds industry best practice, but one that is efficient, durable, sustainable, value for money and that ultimately exceeds all expectations. SHAC brings to the table fresh thinking based on proven experience and proven solutions: state of the art solutions built on traditional values.