Dial-D Charlestown Medical Centre

A modern, purpose built centre accommodating a large GP practice along with allied services such as pathology, imaging, dentistry, day surgery and related medical specialities.


Dial-D Unit Trust


Charlestown, NSW
Dial-D Charlestown Medical Centre

The centre located in a newly created service zone supports Charlestown’s commercial and retail core and meets the objectives of the Charlestown Master Plan. 

Spaces such as foyers, courtyards, bus stop shelter and other pedestrian circulation zones are intended to become an extension of the public domain within the centre during operational hours.
The design objectives include the provision of a distinct design identity for both the Ridley and Smith Street facades with easily identified, well lit facilities, providing safe and convenient access; an articulated built form capitalising on local vistas from all levels, an environmentally responsive building using appropriate design strategies; the promotion of the ingress of natural light and ventilation and the installation of screens to reduce heat gain and unwanted solar access; provision of underground on-site parking to meet the needs of the facility; and to achieve a high standard of design and built-form that sets a benchmark for future developments in this zone of the city centre.


Processes used in this project