Green Point Christian College - Administration Building

A dynamic, ecologically sensitive education ecosystem for teaching and managerial staff.


Green Point Christian College


Green Point, NSW
Green Point Christian College - Administration Building

Green Point Christian College masterplan is a comprehensive guide to the future development of the current Green Point Christian College site, with the first building of focus being the Administration Building.

The masterplan balances the changing needs of the school and the community, including current and future learning and teaching pedagogy, environments, space, and change. The built environment must retain the ability to embody the values and aspirations of the school by being adaptable through flexibility, affordable through efficiency, and sustainable by design.

The concept design was developed to define stages 1 & 2 of the development. Green Point Christian College Administration building has evolved from a Masterplanning process undertaken during 2020 and presents an opportunity to enrich the organisation's presentation to the public and the school community. The new Administration Building forms the first stage in updating the school's facilities, presenting the opportunity of a new, welcoming street frontage and entry into the built form of the school site a place of belonging, whilst also addressing a lack of space for administration & staff.

The new Green Point Christian College Administration Building will provide a dynamic, ecologically sensitive education hub for staff and managerial staff, catering for the ever-changing needs of students & teachers, as well as the wider school community. The result: an inspiring place where education leaders can grow, collaborate, and serve.

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