Project Gravity

An urban campus of academic excellence that connects students with industry and the world of work.


Education Ecosystems


Newcastle, NSW
Project Gravity

Project Gravity is not only a design solution, it is a research proposal that theorises the future of inner-city education and student transition to the world of work.

This is achieved by co-locating industry partners and students, who are able to occupy lettable space on a new urban high school campus adjacent an existing tertiary education campus. By providing industry in-situ, the outcome is resilient, agile thinkers and leaders.

This collision of senior students, tertiary students, working professionals, academics, entrepreneurs, researchers and business owners encourages a symbiotic relationship of teaching, learning, observing, brainstorming and inspiring fresh thinking in which their occupation is exposed.

The resulting design proposes a series of shaded spaces permeable to the public, allowing the community to take ownership of the public realm and interact with the campus. The built form is a learning tool for students in STEM/Science, Physics and Environment with natural, passive and active systems, water harvesting, re-use and reticulation, waste collection, recycling and upcycling, striving for Green Star certification. Learning spaces are innovative, interactive, flexible and consist of collaboration zones, makerspaces, labs, exhibition and events.

Processes used in this project