St Joseph's High School

Masterplan and development of a new resource and technology hub at St Joseph's High School in the Upper Hunter Valley


Catholic Schools Office


Aberdeen, NSW
St Joseph's High School


Upon completion of the masterplan in 2010, highlighting areas for refurbishment, existing buildings that were recommended for demolition as well as proposed new construction works, SHAC worked hand-in-hand with the Catholic Schools Office to complete grant application drawings and reports, securing the maximum funding grant offered in any one year for completion of the demolition and new construction works.
Works included the demolition of the original three-storey school boarding house, located in the middle of the school site and the construction of a new two-storey resource centre and technology hub to create a central hub for the school in its place. A second building containing general purpose learning areas, support areas and specialist performance based learning spaces has also been completed in this stage of new construction works.


Processes used in this project