St Bede's Chapel

Providing a space for chapel services, student well-being services and a multifunction space.


Catholic Schools Office


Chisholm, NSW
St Bede's Chapel

The Chisholm Chapel is a proposed school use facility shared between St Bede’s Catholic College, St Aloysius Primary School and St Nicholas Childcare on the Catholic Diocese owned site in Chisholm. The space will provide for chapel services, student well-being services and multifunction space for a capacity of 200 people.

The chapel is designed in the round as a rammed earth structure with a centralised altar space, to create a solemn atmosphere, grounded into the site. The project also includes a large campanile structure, visible from many parts of the surrounding suburb, and reflection pond, with statues to Virgin Mary, St Aloysius and St Bede included.

Processes used in this project