Barrington Tops Residence

An ecologically sensitive rural retreat designed to respect the natural beauty and ancient setting.




Craven NSW
Barrington Tops Residence

This residence is perched on the edge of a cliff top overlooking a dramatic waterfall close to the source of the Wards River near the Barrington Tops World Heritage Conservation Area. A simple steel frame was utilised to achieve a lightweight 'kit of parts', which touches the earth lightly and respects the biodiversity of this ancient site.

The residence utilises low maintenance detailing and displays a mix of natural and raw materials to reflect its bushland context. The drama of the ravine below is experienced by a viewing platform which protrudes from the decking into the tree canopy.

Fundamentally, steel was the building material of choice. It provided the most cost effective and lightest structural framework to achieve this architectural concept.

The design work and fabrication were undertaken offsite and brought to the site by truck. The extensive use of steel guaranteed a very high ratio of floor area to weight of componentry.



Processes used in this project