St Philip’s Christian College Gosford - D.A.L.E Campus

A calming, comforting, caring & creative campus designed specifically for alternative learning


St Philip’s Christian Education Foundation


Gosford, NSW
St Philip’s Christian College Gosford - D.A.L.E Campus

D.A.L.E - Dynamic Alternate Learning Environment 

Catering for students in years 3 – 12 who have a diagnosis of anxiety, depression, PTSD or autism, St Philip’s Christian College DALE fills the gap for students who want a mainstream education but are unable to access this in its entirety due to their mental health needs. The teachers at this wonderful school believe in the need of an educational environment that empowers all students to thrive, regardless of their social, emotional or intellectual difficulties. 

The new building includes areas of parallel play spaces, interactive props, games with patterns, games with rules, active engagement, and spaces to enhance motor skills.

Processes used in this project